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The Westfall Team's Mission is to promote the advancement of software excellence by helping our clients achieve effective and efficient software engineering, software quality. information technology and project management practices.

Our Vision of Client Success:
The Westfall Team partners with our clients to identify and provide practical solutions that improve the client’s capabilities to develop and maintain high quality software-intensive products. We provide our clients with training solutions tailored to ensure effective transfer of practical tools and techniques that can be immediately incorporated to improve on-the-job performance. We facilitate the incorporation of industry recognized practices into our client’s systems and processes in order to increase their capabilities and allow them to better handle the complexities driven by software size, functionality, quality and time-to-market constraints. We help our clients establish, develop and maintain common sense systems and processes that:

  •     Match the way they actually do business
  •     Maximize quality and business value
  •     Minimize cycle time and rework
  •     Increase management insight and visibility
  •     Enhance organizational and individual learning
  •     Reduce bureaucratic overhead
  •     Manage and protect intellectual capital

What's New:

  • Linda Westfall is teaching an open enrollment offering of our Software Requirements Engineering Course in September 1-3, 2015 in Richland, WA- More information.

  •  Free Webinar Recording - 8 Steps to Effective Use Cases presented by Linda Westfall: Use cases are an easy and effective technique for defining user-level requirements. Through the addition of more detail to the use cases, they can also be used to define the product level requirements and even the design of the product. This presentation defines an eight-step process for creating and documenting effective use cases. A real world example is utilized throughout this presentation to illustrate each of the eight steps in an interactive exercise with the attendees.  Read more or view recording of this webinar.

  • 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics Blog - blog entry: Data to Information to Knowledge

  • Testing - Systematic Code Coverage Techniques by Linda Westfall:  This paper describes how a tester can uses white-box code coverage techniques to systematically select the tests that are the most likely to help identify the yet undiscovered, relevant defect. - Read this paper
  • Certified Software Quality Engineer - CSQE Quiz #9: Whether you are preparing for the Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) examination or just testing out your knowledge of Software Quality Engineering, why don’t you sit back and let your brain do its thing - Take this Quiz

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Follow Linda Westfall & The Westfall Team on Twitter

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